Design & Configuration

After we have assessed all your needs during our FREE consultation it’s time to start the design phase. This is why the consultation process is an important part of assessing your solar energy needs.

Depending on the route you have decided to go, be it a hybrid system to run certain aspects of your home using solar power or a completely off the grid solution, our design experts will spend time meticulously finding the perfect solar solution for your home.

This process involves taking into account the amount of sunlight your home receives, the best area in your residence to place the solar panels (on your roof, or perhaps mounted in an open area in your garden) as well as adding all the components needed to complete the design.

Again, we will consult with you every step of the way and if you have any questions or queries from your side, do not hesitate to contact us or put forward any suggestions you might have.

Free consultation on solar energy.

We will be more than happy to explain you everything about how solar energy works and how it will benefit your home or office energy consumption bills!