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See how easy it is to switch to Solar Power using us

We understand your needs

We understand the issues faced when using traditional energy sources. Spiraling costs, an uncertain energy future to name just two. We also understand that there is some confusion over solar energy systems and exactly how they are installed and work for you. Our solar panel experts will guide you through the whole system and show you how to get the most out of your solar power

We make it affordable

We have found that the single biggest factor that puts people off having a solar panel installation is the relativly high entry level cost. This is why we designed our custom finance plans. Our flexible installment payment options allow you to spread this cost over 12, 24, 36 or even 48 months or more if you choose. We give you many options to choose from to help you get the solar system you want.

We value quality

We only use the best quality solar panels and energy storage solutions. This is becaise the quality of your solar power system is vital in regard to how it performs for you. Our panels are manufactured in cooperation with industry leading companies, above all they’re reliable. Our panels are designed to withstand the harshest US weather conditions!

The process for having a Solar Panel Install

See how easy it is to switch to Solar Power using us

1. Solar Panel Consultation

The first step of the journey is for us to give you a FREE consultation so we can better understand your needs

2. Residential Energy Storage

During the Design consultation we discuss with you suitable Solar panel energy storage solutions

3. Solar Panels for Sale

We then discuss the style and design of your Solar panels

4. Design & Configuration

The FREE consultation is taken away with us so we can design your Solar Panel installation.

5. Presentation of the Design

When we have finalised the design we will reschedule an appointment with you so we can walk you through every aspect of it in your home.

6. Solar Installation

Once everything has been approved and a finance option chosen if this is your prefered payment method we schedule a time for the installation to take place at your home.

Are you ready to go ahead?

Why not Schedule a FREE consultation with us now We will be more than happy to explain you everything about how solar energy works and how it will benefit your home or office energy consumption bills!