Solar panel installation in San Diego

Okay, so you are considering going solar but want to learn more.  There are seemingly so many choices in San Diego for solar panel installation, where do you start?  There’s even "do-it-yourself" solar conversion sites out there claiming you can do it on your own.  So who can you trust?

For San Diego solar installation, go with a company that specializes in solar panel installation.  Don’t work with a builder, electrician or other that dabbles with solar as a side business.  Also, you want to get educated first to see if converting your home from utility using to energy producing makes sense for your usage.

Read through a few of the posts here and see if by the end, you don’t have a better understanding of what steps to take next.  Also, you can try Generation 819’s No Obligation, FREE Home Evaluation and speak with a solar expert about the benefits and costs associated with installing solar panels on your San Diego county home.  Simply fill out the few fields to the right in the yellow form.  Let the friendly experts at assist you in learning what you need to know for solar panel installation in San Diego.

solar power san diegoCalifornia has become the first U.S. state to put more than 1,000 megawatts of solar panels on homes and businesses and the boom is on track to continue in 2013, despite upheaval in the solar market and declining incentives, according to a report released in July by state regulators.  San Diegans have been early adopters and solar power San Diego style is on the rise, backed by incentives offered to SDG&E customers.  See post below about rebates and incentives to go solar in San Diego!

The California Public Utilities Commission estimates that the state as a whole is generating 1,255 megawatts of electricity from 122,516 rooftops.  (At peak output, that’s the equivalent energy production of a big nuclear power plant.)  In 2011 alone, the state’s rooftop solar capacity jumped 38% from the previous year while the number of rooftops boasting photovoltaic arrays grew by 29%.

But that milestone is less notable than the trend toward democratizing solar in the Golden State as the California Solar Initiative, or CSI, hits the midpoint of the program’s decade-long run.  Launched in 2007, the initiative seeks to install 1,940 megawatts of rooftop solar by 2017 by offering incentives for customers of the state’s three big investor owned utilities – Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric.  (The solar initiative is part of a larger $3.3 billion effort to bring 3,000 megawatts of distributed renewable energy online by 2017.  Solar Power in San Diego will continue to be at the forefront of the move for the individual homeowner to become self-sustaining in producing sufficient (or even excess) home energy.

Source: Forbes Magazine – How California Is Democratizing Solar For The 99% – July, 2012

Choosing to go solar, or at least really investigate it thoroughly from a financial standpoint, is daunting enough. Now you have to decide “who” is the best San Diego solar contractor to work with!  And make no mistake, it DOES matter.  Price and experience are important when it comes to the purchase and installation, but knowledge and expertise about solar power and solar panels for your home are critical in early discussions.  You need to make an informed choice and not working with a solar expert can hurt your understanding to even attempt to go solar.  You might very well pass on a great opportunity simply because you didn’t have the right information.

California, and particularly San Diego, appears to have a lot of choices for solar panel installation.  However, when you do a little investigating, you find that most contractors are simply licensed to install solar panels, san diego solar contractors but their core work is roof repair, home renovation, electrical wiring and the list goes on.  You want to work with a company that has deep expertise with solar panel construction, efficiency generation, solar panel energy conversion and solar panel installation and service.  That means their core business must be solar.

The hands down best choice for San Diego solar installation, service and education is Generation 819, the solar experts.

Californians have been quickly adopting solar for both its benefits on the homeowner’s wallet and its benefit on the environment.  But the game changer has been a financial innovation – leases offered by installers, such as Generation 819 that let homeowners avoid the sometimes steep upfront costs of a photovoltaic array and instead pay a monthly fee that often will be less than the cost of the electricity generated by the solar system.  Those leases are financed by banks and other institutions that create funds for the solar installers and which in turn receive state and federal tax breaks and incentives.

“The upward trend in CSI participation for lower and middle income areas is likely due to a sharp increase in third party owned systems that have received CSI incentives,” the CSI annual assessment report states. “Third party ownership models, such as solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs), allow households who cannot afford to own a PV system to go solar.”

The change has been dramatic.  In 2007, 93% of residential solar systems in California were purchased by homeowners; by the end of 2011 nearly two-thirds of new solar arrays were leased

It’s true that some state incentives are drying up… but San Diego is lucky and incentive rebates are still available. CSI is offering two incentive types, PBI for larger commercial projects, and EPBB suited for residential homes.  The EPBB (Expected Performance-Based Buydown) incentive is the upfront incentive available for residential systems.

  • Paid in dollars per Watt
  • Ideal for residential-sized projects
  • Systems of less than 30kW qualify
  • Paid on system’s expected performance
  • One-time, lump-sum upfront payment

The fact that San Diego can still take advantage of these rebates and incentives is true for now.  But HURRY! With state cuts how long they will last is uncertain.

Contact Generation 819  today to find out how much you could be saving every month and for the life of your electric bill.

Source: Report – California Solar Initiative – Annual Program Assessment – June, 2012